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What is Sotai?

In addition to acupuncture, there is sotai.  If you want to feel relaxed, relieve tension, and feel calmer without a massage or chiropractic, then ask about a sotai session.  Sotai is an effective way to re-center yourself and feel at ease in addition to being an effective form of therapy for a variety of physical conditions and a great addition to any wellness program.  For athletes, sotai benefits the maintenance and recovery process during training by reducing pain, helping to maintain range of motion and balancing the musculoskeletal system for optimal performance.  

Sotai is a body balancing and realignment technique which I have used to help with difficult issues involving pain, mobility, tension and stress.  The techniques involve normal body movements combined with mild resistance.  Unlike similar therapies, body movements are in the pain-free direction and resistance is also pain-free.  It is not massage, stretching or chiropractic and the difference can be felt immediately.  Sotai does not require special equipment, oils, creams or strong sudden forceful movements.  Many patients experience a deeper sense of calm after a session.

My goal is to spread awareness of sotai therapy as a method for overcoming acute and chronic conditions as well as for wellness.  

If you are looking for sessions to relax the body or wellness or “tune-up” without a specific health concern.  These sessions can be acupuncture, bodywork or a combination.  If you are looking for something that is not massage or chiropractic to keep you aligned and balanced, sotai is the answer.  Sessions may last from 30 minutes to 90 minutes and will cover different areas of the body.  Upper body, lower body, feet and hands, or whole body.  

If you are not sure about what to expect or want to see what it’s like, I recommend having the Lower Body.  The Lower Body is the foundation of energy and movement.  By allowing the muscles and joints to relax and move freely it can place the rest of the body at ease.  Patients have reported that the upper back and neck will start to relax after having just lower body worked on.

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